Continued Professional Development [CPD] & Physiotherapists

There has been a lot of discussion recently about Continued Professional Development [CPD] for Physiotherapists practising Acupuncture.

The Health & Care Professions Council [HCPC] requires all Physiotherapists and other Health Professionals regulated by the HCPC to carry out regular CPD and to keep a record of CPD undertaken.

The HCPC has published a comprehensive document that explains what they require from Physiotherapists [and other Registrants], including the standards set, the activities that may be regarded as CPD and the information that should be recorded in the CPD Profile.

Details of the HCPC requirements for CPD are available for download.

The HCPC do not detail any specific requirements for Acupuncture CPD, but Physiotherapists may wish to take note of the general guidance given by the HCPC on the need for Practitioners to maintain the level and relevance of their CPD.

ALIED runs a number of CPD courses throughout the country in order to assist Physiotherapists maintain their professional standards and meet HCPC requirements.

What's the difference between CPD and Training? If you're not sure, please see our CPD and Training page to find out!

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Acupuncture in Physiotherapy

The Government's recent decision not to introduce statutory regulation [SR] of Acupuncture has a significant effect on Physiotherapists who wish to use Acupuncture within their clinical practice.

It has also caused tutors at ALIED, along with many other experienced Physiotherapist Acupuncture Tutors, to reappraise our affiliations.

M-Level Accreditation

The ALIED Foundation Acupuncture Course is M-Level Accredited to the University of Hertfordshire [UH]and the ALIED Principal, Jennie Longbottom, is a member of the University Staff.

Registration with UH is an option for Foundation Course Students and an outline of the M-Level Accreditation Process is available for students.

Have a Course at Your Location

Have you thought about an Acupuncture course at your location?

You can either run the course yourself, or ALIED will organise the whole thing.

Full details of the arrangements are available on the website.