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M-Level Accredited Foundation Acupuncture and Advanced Acupuncture Courses

The accreditation of the Foundation Course from the University of Hertfordshire [UH] runs until October 2017. The course is currently being re-accredited and when completed, the accrediation will extend until 2022.

Those students wishing to take advantage of the Master's points may apply directly to UH for registration and on successful completion of the Acupuncture Foundation Course, they will be eligible for M-Level credits that can be transferred towards a Masters degree at UH or potentially at any UK UniversityThe University of Hertfordshire. The fee for registration is currently £100.00, payable directly to UH.

ALIED consider accreditation to have a multiple application:

Students not wishing to take advantage of the credit will not be required to register with UH, though ALIED encourages all students to register and will give all students doing so every support. The course will continue to deliver high standards of clinical reasoning, patient care and Acupuncture knowledge to facilitate their needs in effective Acupuncture intervention within their practice.

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Acupuncture in Physiotherapy

The Government's recent decision not to introduce statutory regulation [SR] of Acupuncture has a significant effect on Physiotherapists who wish to use Acupuncture within their clinical practice.

It has also caused tutors at ALIED, along with many other experienced Physiotherapist Acupuncture Tutors, to reappraise our affiliations.

M-Level Accreditation

The ALIED Foundation Acupuncture Course is M-Level Accredited to the University of Hertfordshire [UH]and the ALIED Principal, Jennie Longbottom, is a member of the University Staff.

Registration with UH is an option for Foundation Course Students and an outline of the M-Level Accreditation Process is available for students.

Have a Course at Your Location

Have you thought about an Acupuncture course at your location?

You can either run the course yourself, or ALIED will organise the whole thing.

Full details of the arrangements are available on the website.