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Acupuncture Training with ALIED

Acupuncture News

ALIED Acupuncture Training exists to teach Health Professionals including Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, Podiatrists, Nurses, Chiropractors and Acupuncturists how to integrate the art and science of Acupuncture into their clinical treatment of a variety of conditions involving pain, stress, anxiety or systemic dysfunction.

Jennie Longbottom lectures at the BAcC Conference - kind permission from BAcCALIED tutors are either Chartered Physiotherapists, trained to MSc level in Acupuncture, or experienced Acupuncturists who have degree level training in Acupuncture. ALIED Acupuncture Training brings together a unique mix of clinical experience, research and teacher training. We offer students practical evidence of Acupuncture effectiveness when used with clinical reasoning - not just lists of points - integrating current research within extensive clinical experience. All ALIED Acupuncture tutors are involved with clinical management and current research. They offer students a wealth of:

ALIED Acupuncture Courses involve a variety of teaching and educational styles to facilitate ease of learning, competency and skill in integrating Acupuncture within your treatment management programme. Classes are small for individual tuition. All Acupuncture courses are supported by recent research. Students are encouraged to debate and appraise critically current teaching protocols.

ALIED Acupuncture Tutors are available to run Acupuncture Training Courses at your own location both in the UK and overseas.

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Integrated Courses

ALIED is pleased to announce a series of courses integrating Acupuncture with Manual Therapy in the management of a range of conditions.

Jennie Longbottom is handling the Acupuncture and the Manual Therapy aspects are being taught by key players in the Physiotherapy world.

M-Level Accreditation

The ALIED Foundation Acupuncture Course is M-Level Accredited to the University of Hertfordshire [UH]and the ALIED Principal, Jennie Longbottom, is a member of the University Staff.

Registration with UH is an option for Foundation Course Students and an outline of the M-Level Accreditation Process is available for students.

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